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Mini Mastermind
4-Week Mini Mastermind Experience
January 25th - February 22nd

Curious what it's like to be part of a $18k/year mastermind but not sure if it's really worth it or if you're ready for one?

I totally get it. I almost backed out when I got accepted into a $30k per year mastermind because I just didn't know if it would be worth it, and that was a massive investment for me at the time.

But I didn't, and I'm SO grateful. Every year I've made back far more money than I ever invested in it, often just from one comment that I needed to hear at the right time.

I WISH I would have been able to try it out first so that I could have invested more confidently.

Which is why I've created this 4-Week Mini Mastermind Experience for you!
In this 4-Week Mini Mastermind Experience, you will:
1. Select a Specific Goal to Focus On During this Mastermind
YOU will select whatever goal you like, based on what you're currently focusing on in your business.

This will be your mastermind focus for the 4 weeks, and you'll share it with the group.

My hope here is that you'll be able to see how being in a mastermind can help you make faster progress in your business on something you're already planning to do.
2. Get Feedback & Advice from Other Entrepreneurs
You'll share your focus with the group and have a chance to ask them questions about what they'd do in your shoes, mistakes they've made that you should avoid, and get clarity & validation on how to move forward.

The goal is that you'll get to learn from the collective wisdom & experience from the group, allowing you to get incredibly specific and helpful advice so you can get things done faster, avoid common mistakes, and have more confidence as you move forward.
3. Have High-Level Conversations
Each week we'll also be having a  high-level conversation to help you see any mindset blocks you have that are holding you back from growth, and to help you find clarity and confidence as you move forward and create the business you truly want to have.

Most of them will be about things like simplifying your business, clarity, alignment, self-trust, overcoming resistance, and ease.
4. Experience what it's like to be in Brighter Together Mastermind
You'll have 2 Mastermind meetings that I'll run exactly like the full Brighter Together Mastermind so you can see first-hand what it's like to be in a mastermind.

You'll also get to join in one of the monthly Brighter Together Social gatherings where you can meet current members in the Mastermind and get to know them, too.

This will give you a much better sense of if it'd be a good fit for you to commit to joining the group for a full year.
This is NOT for everyone...
While the full Brighter Together Mastermind is highly curated and is invite-only, this Mini Mastermind is self-curated.

Please consider the guidelines below and determine if you are ready for it yet or not.

Not sure? Go ahead and enroll and reply to the welcome email with your questions and we can figure it out together. If we determine that you're not quite ready for the Mini Mastermind, I'll give you a full refund. No worries, and no hassle.

Here's what you should have in place:
 1. An Offer that Sells Consistently
You should be clear on who your ideal client is, and have an offer that sells consistently when they find it. You should be making at LEAST $50k per year, but there may be exceptions to this (such as if you are making a big change like switching from brick and mortar to online, but you've got past experience at that level or beyond).

You'll get more out of this if you're already making 6,figures, especially if you're well on your way to 7.

The intention here is that you already understand the basics of what you're doing (how to list build, how to convert clients, how to delivery your product, etc) and are willing to share your experience with others.

You are likely doing this full-time, or are very close to making this your full-time employment.

You're not just starting out and have been selling consistently, having done at least a few launches or have some sort of consistent sales process in place.

You don't have to have everything figured out or hit some imaginary level beyond that, though.

It never will be perfect. It's completely fine to be in the messy middle or still refining your processes and trying new things.

It's also fine if you've seen a decline recently in sales, as many people are seeing this trend as talk of a recession and an increase in interest rates has caused a shift in consumer buying habits, so don't let that hold you back. (Something I learned from being in masterminds and getting to see behind-the-scenes of what's really going on across many industries right now).
2. Generosity Mindset & Willingness to Engage
The Mastermind format only works when people are willing to share their experience and be an active participant in the group.

If you have a scarcity-based mindset and are afraid to share what you're doing or are afraid people will steal your ideas, or if you don't actually participate and just want to listen to what others say without adding anything yourself, this is not the group for you.

The value of a mastermind comes from people who share generously, who genuinely want to help others and believe that there are plenty of customers out there for all of us, and that we gain more from coming together to share our knowledge than we do from trying to do it all alone.

During this mastermind, we will be sharing our goals, engaging in conversations, and sharing our advice and experience with others to help them reach their goal.  This won't be valuable to you or to the others in the group if you don't engage and participate.
Sounds AMAZING! Give me the details!
If you haven't watched the video above yet, that will give you a LOT more clarity. So please watch it. But here's the bare-bones details:

Wed, January 25th - Wednesday, February 22nd.

Virtual Community: We will have a Telegram group where we meet and chat daily. This is where we will host most of our conversations and is a place for you to connect with each other and ask additional questions as you work towards your goal.

Meeting Dates:
We will have 5 zoom meetings during this time on Wednesday at 3:00-5:00 pm Central Time. There will be replays if you can't be there, but I highly encourage you to attend live whenever you can as these will be interactive mastermind meetings.

Wed January 25nd 3-5pm CST - Welcome, Orientation, & Connection Call
Wed February 1 & 15 from 3-5pm CST - Mastermind Calls (these are run exactly like I run Brighter Together meetings). I'll open the zoom room 30 min prior the meetings for anyone who wants to casually come, connect, and socialize together before starting the meeting.
Wed February 8th from 3-4pm CST - Brighter Together All Member Social Hour
Wed February 22nd, 3-5pm CST- Celebration & Closing Ceremonies

I've also got a few surprises for you during this experience, but I don't want to give it all away now.

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